Our Campaigns

We execute and deliver engaging direct marketing campaigns throughout Miami, Florida, each of which is strategically devised to suit your marketing goals, budget and most importantly your customers. Our campaigns are executed based on your budget, objectives and market requirements. In return we promise to deliver measurable results and guarantee a high return on investment.

Calculate Budgets

At The Plato Group any budget is welcome. We’re confident in our ability to deliver results that we can work with any budget, and still guarantee quality results. We tailor our campaigns to make sure we reach your target audience whilst providing you a high quality service.

Define Objectives

We will strategically devise a campaign that will help you achieve your goals. So whether you want to establish brand image, generate sales or create customer loyalty, The Plato Group are here to help.

Test Multiple Market

To ensure your product generates maximum exposure we will test run your campaigns in different markets, so you can see which market produces the best results. To assess the effectiveness of your campaign, we will present you with detailed daily reports and discuss which areas need more focus.

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