The Plato Group: Miami ranked as one of America’s top cities for launching a start-up

With location playing a pivotal role in business success, local business The Plato Group is thrilled to see Miami rank as one of America’s top cities for launching a business.

The Plato Group believe that location is key in business success. Location decisions can have a big impact on costs and revenues. A business needs to decide on the best location taking into account factors such as customers, can customers reach the business? Staff, is there a sufficient supply of suitable workers? What is the business support available in the area? And finally the cost of the premises, will the business still make money?  Once a business has considered all factors it can then choose the best location for their business model. The location selected will have a lasting effect on the business and it is not a decision made lightly.

Miami is a fantastic location for start-up businesses, benefitting from a fantastic great pool of potential people who can work in business. Additionally, the southern work ethic is renowned to be outgoing, hard-working and ambitious. There is also a strong business network for new businesses to learn from, of which the support system can help facilitate any growth potential a business may require. Miami was in the top 5 locations reported on LinkedIn as a top business launch location.

Other cities that ranked high included Oklahoma City. Benefiting from low cost living and a strong funding network, it is great for small business ventures that require a low cost set up. Boulder, Colorado was listed as a top location for technological businesses. With a great graduate pool it allows businesses to benefit from newly qualified graduates looking to impress new employers. Minneapolis also ranked high due to the vast options for small business funding. A point to consider here is the fact that the city is heavily populated with small businesses, so considering market share potential would be crucial for new businesses looking to launch here.

The Plato Group is a marketing and sales firm, specializing in direct marketing, advertising, in-store promotions, local and pop-up events. They help communicate a brand’s key benefits and position the company in the minds of their customers to promote the brand in a non-intrusive manner, creating a strong lasting brand image. Their service starts with the development of a strategic marketing plan, which integrates a company’s objectives to compete successfully in the marketplace.