March 19, 2014 10:01 AM

About Us

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To meet the rising demand for direct marketing services, The Plato Group was formed. As leaders in customer acquisitions we pride ourselves on developing the sales and longevity of growth for all our clients quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to provide a clients with a professional and charismatic approach to increase customer satisfaction while generating maximum results.

Managing director – Steve Dongo

The Plato Group is like no other outsourced marketing company in Florida. We provide our clients with measurable results which can be analysed both daily and weekly. Clients are confident in our ability to deliver, and are kept up to date with each step of the campaign.

People hire us because:

  • We guarantee a high on return on investment
  • We provide detailed customer insights
  • We define your marketing strategy
  • We deliver regular reports of your campaign’s progress



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